It’s 1957. We lived. We loved. We made music our very own.

Daddio Musical

A musical play by Joe Brown and Roger Cook celebrating the beginnings of the British popular music explosion and the birth of the ‘teenage’ generation

Set in Soho, London in 1957, Don’t You Rock Me Daddio captures a unique period of cultural and musical change in 20th century Britain.

Widower Percy Perkins, aka Daddio, is struggling to make ends meet with his 17-year-old daughter Mollie in Daddio’s Coffee Bar.

While Daddio’s generation are tuned into the big band sound of Glen Miller, the new ‘teenage’ generation are switched on to something completely different. Parents call it a racket. Kids call it Skiffle.

One in nine of the teenage population in Great Britain is said to be in some kind of Skiffle group, and Lonnie Donegan is King!

There’s prize money up for grabs by winning regional Skiffle contests, and if you could get into the finals, there’s greater fame and fortune to be had by appearing at the London Palladium - even an appearance on National TV!

Daddio spots an opportunity - an escape route that could get him out of his dire financial straits.

He’ll put together a teenage Skiffle group. They can entertain Daddio’s customers in the evenings, just like the 2i’s Coffee Bar around the corner. He’ll prepare them for fame and fortune...